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2023 VÄLVĒ - 'Tiny Pilots' - (Slowfoot Records), LP/CD/DL

2023 VÄLVĒ - Atmos #6 - (iad records), Single

2022 Chlöe Herington - Fugue - (iad records), LP

2022 VÄLVĒ - the theosophical society (re-issue)(iad records), EP

2021 VÄLVĒ - geography (tQ/State51 Conspiracy)

2021 Chlöe Herington - Live at Cafe Oto (iad records), EP

2021 Chlöe Herington ft. Sam Barton, Atona (trk 6, 'Seven Sisters')

2021 Chlöe Herington - Silent Reflux (Believers Roast)

2020 Self Help - Grand Hotel Ibis (Tesla Tapes)(Bsn trk 4)

2019  V Ä L V Ē - The Ice House - on Ombrelle Concrête sampler #2

2019 JOHN, Future Thinker (Alto sax)

2019 A Sweet Niche - Wires (Surface Press) (Bsn and co-writing trk 5)

2019 Hirvikolari - Kalsarikänni (Jamboreeno Records), Cassette

2019 Teeth of the Sea - WRAITH (Rocket Recordings) (Bsn trk 3)

2019 Daniel O'Sullivan - Folly (O'Genesis) (Bsn/Sop. sax)

2018 V Ä L V Ē- cycles (iad records), EP

2017 V Ä L V Ē- the theosophical society (iad records), EP

2017 Necro Deathmort, - Overland, (Profound Lore Records) (Arr. & bsn, trk 4)

2017 Charlie Cawood - The Divine Abstract, (Bad Elephant Music) (Bsn)

2016 Knifeworld- Bottled Out Of Eden (InsideOut Music), LP

2016 The Legendary Characters - Trip of a Lifetime (Cryptic Clue Records) (Tenor sax on trk 7)

2016 Emmett Elvin - Assault on the Tyranny of Reason, (Bad Elephant Music) (Bsn)

2014 Knifeworld- The Unravelling (InsideOut Music), LP

2014 Dark Continent - (Bsn, Composer) Commissioned by Tai Shani for a piece in Mirror City at The Hayward         Gallery

2014 Trojan Horse - World Turned Upside Down (Bad Elephant Music) (Bassoon on trk 4)

2014 Trojan Horse - He's a Meat-Eater (Rak) (Recorders and Bassoon)

2014 Emmett Elvin - Bloody Marvels (Bad Elephant Music) (Sax, Bassoon & Cor Anglais on various tracks)

2013 Subtlemob Soundtracks Vol. 1 (Bsn & Tenor Sax)  Circumstance projects.

2013 Be, be the seven darknesses - (Bsn, Sax, Composer) Commissioned by Tai Shani

2013 Manning - The Root, The Leaf & The Bone (Festival Music) (Bsn)

2013 Guapo - History of the Visitation (Cuniform Records) (Bsn)

2013 Dodson & Fogg - The Call (Wisdom Twins) (Sax on 'Mystery')

2013 Chrome Hoof- Chrome Black Gold (Cuneiform Records), LP

2012 Knifeworld- Clairvoyant Fortnight (Believers’ Roast), EP

2011 Various, Leader of the Starry Skies (Believers’ Roast) – ‘The Stench of Honey’ (Knifeworld cover of         Cardiacs track)

2011 The Brick-Keepers - Laid To Rest (Bsn) Commissioned by Serena Korda, composed by Daniel O'Sullivan

2011 Knifeworld- Dear Lord, No Deal (Believers’ Roast), EP

2010 Jowe Head & the Demi-Monde- Diabolical Liberties (Topplers) (Bsn/Sax)

2010 Chrome Hoof- Crush Depth (Southern Records), LP

2010 Cathedral - The Guessing Game (Nuclear Blast) (Bsn on track 1)

2007 Chrome Hoof- Pre-Emptive False Rapture (Southern Records), LP

2007 The Stargazers’ Assistant -The Other Side of the Island (Aurora Borealis) (Bsn)

2007 Simian Mobile Disco, Sample & Hold (Witchita) – ‘Clocks’ (Chrome Hoof re-work)

2007 Mothlite - The Flax of Reverie (Southern) (Bsn)

2007 Miasma & the Carousel of Headless Horses -Manufauna (Southern/latitudes) (Bsn)

2007 Angel Racing Food- ARF (Topplers), LP

2006 Chrome Hoof- Beyond Zade (Rise Above Records), EP

2004 Various, Falling Uphill (Windless Air Music), 'Guinea Pig' (Angel Racing Food)

2004 Chrome Hoof- Chrome Hoof (Tritone), LP

2003 Angel Racing Food- Venus Bigfoot (Little Teddy), 7”


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