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New album!

'Fugue' in now available to pre-order and will be released On May 27th. Sonically, it is in total contrast to the richly orchestrated ‘Silent Reflux’ (2021) in that it is, bar a brief bassoon and trumpet appearance, almost entirely electronic.

Half of the album (Contact, Foggy Planet, Glass Ceiling & Prism) has been composed using Apotome. Apotome is a browser-based generative music environment created by Khyam Allami in collaboration with Counterpoint. He created this as part of a larger project in an effort to present decolonised electronic music-making platforms. It was launched at CTM in 2021. As well as enabling composition and experimentation with an enormous range of non-western tonal systems, Apotome’s generative elements.

Sam Barton (Teeth of the Sea) features on ‘Seven Sisters’ which was also previously released as a contribution to breast cancer awareness charity album, ‘Atona’.

It is available as digital download and limited edition CD-R with individually made mixed-media covers.

The hand-made cross-stitch original artwork is also available as merch.

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