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Not one, not two....but THREE new releases on the way!

It may have appeared quiet on the release front since the VÄLVĒ cycles ep and gigs haven't been happening due to lockdown but things have been quietly ticking away. I started writing an album based on recurring dreams in about 2006 (before VÄLVĒ was active under that name) and recording began in 2010. Then life and other projects took over. But lockdown has allowed me the time (and stripped me of excuses!) to get back to work on it and it is finally at the mastering stage. Huzzah! There will be a 'soft' release and then a proper launch when lockdown restrictions ease and we can have proper gigs. It's very different to the VÄLVĒ you may have heard before (as this is actually before) and features an array of glorious sounds from musicians such as Alex Ward, Kavus Torabi and Ivan Hussey.

VÄLVĒ in its current trio form has also been busy. We are releasing a triptych created individually during lockdown called 'transmissions' which will be available on bandcamp before the end of the summer. It's lo-fi and garden based. It will be accompanied by three corresponding videos.

Work has also continued with our debut full album - recordings of songs that have so far only existed live, new material and a re-work of 'lights'. News on that to follow in due course.

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