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Re-issue, 'Geography', secret society, new album and magazine.

I have finally re-issued the first VÄLVĒ first EP, 'The Theosophical Society' in physical and digital form with a new track. It also comes with a tarot card score for 'futures' and you can find more info here.

I have also set up a secret society! By joining, you are supporting ongoing creative work by affording me some time and resources to work. In return, you get ALL future releases and a 10% discount on merch as well as exclusive tracks and other magical things.

In December, our debut album, 'Geography', came out on State51 Records. It's available as download and limited edition lathe-cut vinyl here and there will be a live video we shot at State51 HQ coming soon. They are having a pop-up event in London on Friday 25th Feb so come along and say hello - there will be some live VÄLVĒ.

I am in the final stages of recording our new VÄLVĒ LP which is pencilled for release in the summer. It'll be called 'Tiny Pilots'.

The other main activity at the moment is preparing the first issue of a new magazine. 'Marginalia' will be an A5 full colour print only publication with words from composers, some audio postcards, news from VÄLVĒ HQ and articles about new and diverse music that has made my brain go fizzy. And many more things! It will be available via bandcamp, at gigs and automatically sent out to Tier 2 secret society members.

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